Starbucks Goes For Health and Wellness

Responding to Customers, Starbucks Brings Single Origin Sumatra Coconut Milk to Canadian locations September 8 (CNW Group/Starbucks Coffee Canada)

I might be one out of 1,000 who doesn’t really frequent Starbucks, however that Vanilla Frappuccino (if I’m sayin it right) is the business.  Well Starbucks is going after the more health conscious side of things with a change in menu.  The only thing is the drinks in question are only targeted for…

“high wage earners, who are more health conscious and can afford higher priced drinks as they have been less affected by the economic downturn.”

“Starbucks claims that by offering an entire range of customized health drinks it will help customers to make healthy choices easily. The company offers options whereby visitors can choose non-fat milk instead of a hot espresso drink. They can choose Vivanno as a substitute for frappuccino.”

High wage earners huh?  We’ll see how long that last.  Here’s the full article.

Biking To Work=Workplace Wellness

Look what goes on in Chicagoland!  I’ve always loved that town.  There is an Active Trans’ Bicycle Commuter Challenge, which takes place during Bike to Work Week, June 11-17.  It’s a movement to get more people to use “active” transportation to get to and from work.

This is awesome.  Imagine how much pollution we could eradicate as a country if we all took part in this health and wellness movement.  Great look Chicago!  (Bulls are 1st place in the Eastern Conference as well).  Check out the full report.

6 Fitness Tips Everyone’s Heard (That Don’t Work At All)?

Check out these fitness tips

I read these on Cracked.com.  I have to admit I did believe some of these worked at one time or another, but running barefoot?  That slipped by me.  Now the P90X workout program, I have to say, is official.