Who is Eligible?
Any sponsored member of the San Diego Wellness Center living in the United States of America or Canada is eligible to apply for site membership at The Canadian Flag Wellness Center website. See Why Do We Require Registration?

How Much Does It Cost?
In keeping with the spirit of the company with which we are affiliated, and as a service to our brothers and sisters in the Field, there is no charge for membership at this site.

Are You Already a Member?
It may surprise you to learn that far more than half of the rejection notices sent out are due to the fact the the applicant is already a Member. To prevent duplicate, and possibly conflicting, data records in our database, our validity checker will not allow a Member to join more than once! Once a Member, always a Member.

In you’re not sure whether or not you’re a Member, rather than waste your time filling in that comprehenive application all over again, we suggest that you use our Account Manager to determine your status. It’s a much smaller form requiring at most two entries. In addition to verifying your status as a Member, the Account Manager also sends you all your membership data, including your User Name and Password.

Why Do We Require Registration?
The company with which we are affiliated prohibits us from displaying their name in any publicly-accessible web page. However, those of you coming to this page to register as site Members probably already know which company we’re talking about and we shall refer to that company on these public pages as San Diego Wellness Center. For those of you who don’t know to which company we refer, our apologies. You may contact me for more information.

The Wellness Center
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