Fight Diseases With a Proper Diet and Exercise Plan!

Weight loss means loss of body weight. In the context of physical health and fitness weight loss can be defined as reduction of human’s total body mass. Weight loss occurs due to illness which occurs through various types of diseases.

These diseases attack a human body and in turn can result in severe weight loss which takes place due to loss of normal body fat and adequate fluid. So weight loss in context of health and fitness can occur intentionally or unintentionally.

Like excessive weight is bad for health, similarly less weight is also not good.

Due to some circumstances which are unavoidable unintentional weight loss can take place and this is actually a result of severe diseases which sometimes people are not aware of. On the other hand intentional weight loss takes place much more frequently due to improper dieting which is most common with the teenagers.

People in the age group of 13-25 are found to be the most affected ones. They don’t follow a proper diet and thus when it comes of having a slim figure which everybody craves for they simply skip their normal diet. This is prevalent among the girls mostly.

Unintentional Weight Loss

Is starvation where a certain percentage of population doesn’t get the necessary essential nutrients for a prolonged time. The other reasons are diseases like gastritis, diarrhea, cancer, aids, ulcer and some more. This disease causes major weight loss of a person and moreover fewer intakes of fluids and loss of fluids affect the same.

On the other hand intentional weight loss takes place when a person decides to change the body appearance or to improve the health and fitness quickly. An overweight person tends to attract more diseases than other normal persons. Diabetes is a major disease which takes place when the amount of glucose increases in a body and this result in excessive weight loss.

When consumption of food and proper nutrients is not balanced to the amount of energy a person exerts at work or other activities it slowly affects the physical health and results to weight loss.

So to summarize it can be said that weight loss is a result of some diseases which actually takes place due to improper diet, exercise and sometimes intentional diet practices. So eat well and stay well to have an ideal weight.

Health & Fitness is the KEY!

Health can be termed as the physical and mental condition of a person. It means the general condition of a person and not only it is the physical and mental condition but it also includes the social well-being of a person. When the physical condition of a person is absolutely fine then the person is called fit. So health and fitness goes hand in hand, if you are healthy you are fit too.

It is often found that a person is physically fit but not mentally, so he cannot be called healthy and fit. So both physical and mental condition together determines the body condition of person.

In earlier days people used to undergo very less health hazards and thus they used to stay very healthy and mentally fit. But now the picture has changed dramatically. People of every age group are having health problems more often and as a result keep them disturbed mentally too.

Too much of work pressure in office, study pressure for the students both in school and tuitions, less of physical activities, improper intake of water and nutritious food are some of the major reasons which keeps all of us unhealthy. This as a result affects our mental condition together with physical condition.

Environment and lifestyle

Some of the major reasons which affect both health and your mind. Water, air, roads all contributes to good health but if these are not clean it affects the physical condition of a person very much.

Improper diet, too much of oily food, bad sleeping habits, less intake of water, smoking, too much of drinking are all the major reasons which affects our healthy life everyday. Out of the entire world’s population 80-90% of people are considered unhealthy and unfit. Medicine provides temporary solutions but doesn’t provide a permanent solution to stay fit.

Routine physical exercise is the secret behind a healthy body so regular exercises keeps a person in good health and keeps him physically fit. It keeps a person fit and fresh and thus helps in staying mentally fit too. In a nutshell, it can be said that eating green vegetables and nutritious food, drinking plenty of water, going outdoors and staying less indoors, exercising daily, maintaining a proper diet, less stress are the prime factors of staying health and fit.