Healing the Healer

Cancer has struck at our wellness center.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2002.  It was my own body that showed me where to find it.  New years morning I awoke with a sore shoulder.  I started to massage my shoulder and the adjacent acupressure points when they led me right to my breast and a node that felt abnormal.  From then on there was a whirlwind of tests, choices to be made, and procedures to be done.

The first thing that hits you is FEAR.  I was very lucky, the same day I found out that I had cancer, was the same day I had an appointment to see my teacher, Rita Rivera, a Toltec Master teacher.  She immediately had me face all my FEARS regarding death, illness, and cancer.  What a major difference that makes.  When you clear up all the lies we have been told about cancer and death, Cancer, looses it’s massive energy and just becomes another illness to recover from.

Cancer became just a dis-ease like any other disease.  Do you remember when people died from the flu?  Cancer does not equal death, nor is it a death sentence.  It really is a gift.  A time to really take a look at your life.  It stops you (dead) in your tracks so that you have to look at your life.  You have to focus on yourself, not others.

Healers are so focused on other people’s needs that they loose sight of their own needs.  I know I did and that is what brought me to this Journey.  It has been one of my greatest gifts in this lifetime.  How? You ask.

It has taught me to truly appreciate my body and all that it is capable of doing.  To be more in touch with my own body and truly become aware of its needs. To love and nurture myself as I nurture my family and clients.  It has taught me to look closely at my life and analyze that which was not serving me, release it, and move on.  I learned that I required more joy in my life.  I learned to live each day as if there were no tomorrow.  To heal all relationships as if it were your last chance to make things right between you and your loved ones.  The list goes on and on.  It could fill a book.  It will fill a book.

For now my friends, I have the desire to open two new programs to the wellness center.  The first is very simple.  It is a NEW Support Group for Women recovering from Cancer.  This group will meet on Monday nights at 7p.m. at the wellness center.  This will be an uplifting, spiritually oriented, support group and anyone who is recovering from or in the process of being treated for cancer, may attend.  Cost will be a love donation to support our second project.

The second project will be our Phoenix Rising Retreats.  It is a non-profit organization that will hold retreats in beautiful healing locations. These retreats are set up for women recovering from cancer.  They will be six-day retreats that will encompass healing treatments, which focus on the whole individual, mind, body, and Soul with the goal of helping the women to create joyful new lives.