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Welcome to our new website. We’ve worked hard to present you with a cleaner look and more easily navigable feel. We hope you will enjoy it and that you will feel right at home just as in the past.

The San Diego Wellness Center was formed to heal everyone!

Navigation throughout the site is now accomplished via the tabbed menus at the tops of the pages. Note that these tabs change as you move from one area to another throughout the site. There are still three major areas, each with its own unique set of tabs. For example, although the HELP tab is labeled “HELP” in all three areas, clicking on it will bring help specific to the particular area you’re viewing. So, while the tabs may look the same, they really are unique.

Which brings up the question, How do I know which area I’m in? Glad you asked! At the bottom of each page is a new Site Search feature we’ve added to help you locate materials here on our website. The area you’re in is indicated in the Search drop-down box.

Which leads to the question, How can I find out more about this Search feature? Simple. Click the “Help for Search” link under the Search box. That will lead you to the FAQ which will explain all.

We invite your comments and suggestions about the changes we have made. Feel free to e-mail us in this regard.

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