• Time Managed Flat Ab Workouts

    If hiring a private trainer is very costly or you are too busy to regularly visit a gym, then you should employ effortless flat ab workouts on your own. Whether you are attending a meeting, traveling in a bus, or working at your desk, you can exercise your abs to attain your aim of a slim abdomen. With some effective workouts, your coworkers and associates may notice obvious differences in your physical state.

    Sometimes, a painful flat ab workout can hurt your lower back or any other muscle. You can possibly relieve your back pain by adjusting your exercise positioning. Moreover, you can control abdominal muscle ache by doing some maintenance exercises. In order to enjoy an array of ab workouts, utilize the following exercise programs at any time of the day in any particular order.

    Seated Exercises

    You can employ a painless abdominal workout even if your professional work demands you to sit for most of the day. Sit tall and do not let your back touch the chair. Breathe out and gradually stiffen you abs. Maintain the position of your lower abs and remember to breathe casually. Continue this for almost 30 seconds after which let go and repeat. You can possibly substitute your office chair with a special exercise chair. It will encourage you to practice improved posture and take workout breaks between your duties.

    How To Exercise Abs While Sitting At Desk – All The Best Exercise within Office Chair Ab Exercises – hosttothai.com

    You can perform an exercise called thigh lift while sitting in a chair. Sit straight at your chair’s edge and raise your forearms to your chest height. Breathe in and get ready to exercise. Breathe out, apply pressure on your abdomen, and raise your thigh up in the direction of your arms. Repeat this procedure for at least 15 times. Make sure to perform this exercise with both legs.

    Standing Exercises

    You can perform flat ab workouts when you are standing in a queue or are waiting for your turn for something. Position both of your hands on your hips while crunching to a side. Raise a leg to make your abs tighter. Concentrate on tightness in your abs rather than the extent of your leg rise.

    You can also exercise the front of your abs. Lay your hands on your hips while standing with your feet at a distance from each other. Stiffen your abs, gradually raise one leg, and turn your knee until it is parallel with your abdomen. Maintain this position for a few seconds and let go. Then, change your side to repeat the exercise.

    Try Different Crunches

    For amateur bodybuilders, an abdominal roller serves as a useful tool for developing ab muscles. Firmly grasp the support bars and sit on an ab roller. Contract your abs and move the roller backward and forward. While supporting your arms and neck, it prevents pulled muscles and injuries.

    Criss-cross or bicycle exercise is believed to be one of the best ab exercises. It focuses on developing your obliques and abdominal muscles. This exercise supports the movement of your entire body so that different muscle groups can be toned and strengthened.

    There is a myriad of advantages of flat ab workouts. A majority of runners specifically observe that such exercise programs facilitate them to run stronger and farther than before.

    You’re likely to see genuine enhancement in your speed and stamina if you pursue consistent abdominal workouts. Such workout sessions may also mitigate your neck or back pains. You burn a great part of your calories with every movement, but the employment of flat ab workouts produces even superior results. Utilizing a few moments of your busy schedule in painless and effective abdominal workout sessions can conveniently strengthen your abs.

    As with any exercise program, loosen your muscles a bit before doing anything strenuous. The last thing you want is to be laid up with a pulled muscle when you really need to exercise.

    In the meantime, stay healthy and be safe.

  • Fight Diseases With a Proper Diet and Exercise Plan!

    Weight loss means loss of body weight. In the context of physical health and fitness weight loss can be defined as reduction of human’s total body mass. Weight loss occurs due to illness which occurs through various types of diseases.

    These diseases attack a human body and in turn can result in severe weight loss which takes place due to loss of normal body fat and adequate fluid. So weight loss in context of health and fitness can occur intentionally or unintentionally.

    Like excessive weight is bad for health, similarly less weight is also not good.

    Due to some circumstances which are unavoidable unintentional weight loss can take place and this is actually a result of severe diseases which sometimes people are not aware of. On the other hand intentional weight loss takes place much more frequently due to improper dieting which is most common with the teenagers.

    People in the age group of 13-25 are found to be the most affected ones. They don’t follow a proper diet and thus when it comes of having a slim figure which everybody craves for they simply skip their normal diet. This is prevalent among the girls mostly.

    Unintentional Weight Loss

    Is starvation where a certain percentage of population doesn’t get the necessary essential nutrients for a prolonged time. The other reasons are diseases like gastritis, diarrhea, cancer, aids, ulcer and some more. This disease causes major weight loss of a person and moreover fewer intakes of fluids and loss of fluids affect the same.

    On the other hand intentional weight loss takes place when a person decides to change the body appearance or to improve the health and fitness quickly. An overweight person tends to attract more diseases than other normal persons. Diabetes is a major disease which takes place when the amount of glucose increases in a body and this result in excessive weight loss.

    When consumption of food and proper nutrients is not balanced to the amount of energy a person exerts at work or other activities it slowly affects the physical health and results to weight loss.

    So to summarize it can be said that weight loss is a result of some diseases which actually takes place due to improper diet, exercise and sometimes intentional diet practices. So eat well and stay well to have an ideal weight.

    Health & Fitness is the KEY!

    Health can be termed as the physical and mental condition of a person. It means the general condition of a person and not only it is the physical and mental condition but it also includes the social well-being of a person. When the physical condition of a person is absolutely fine then the person is called fit. So health and fitness goes hand in hand, if you are healthy you are fit too.

    It is often found that a person is physically fit but not mentally, so he cannot be called healthy and fit. So both physical and mental condition together determines the body condition of person.

    In earlier days people used to undergo very less health hazards and thus they used to stay very healthy and mentally fit. But now the picture has changed dramatically. People of every age group are having health problems more often and as a result keep them disturbed mentally too.

    Too much of work pressure in office, study pressure for the students both in school and tuitions, less of physical activities, improper intake of water and nutritious food are some of the major reasons which keeps all of us unhealthy. This as a result affects our mental condition together with physical condition.

    Environment and lifestyle

    Some of the major reasons which affect both health and your mind. Water, air, roads all contributes to good health but if these are not clean it affects the physical condition of a person very much.

    Improper diet, too much of oily food, bad sleeping habits, less intake of water, smoking, too much of drinking are all the major reasons which affects our healthy life everyday. Out of the entire world’s population 80-90% of people are considered unhealthy and unfit. Medicine provides temporary solutions but doesn’t provide a permanent solution to stay fit.

    Routine physical exercise is the secret behind a healthy body so regular exercises keeps a person in good health and keeps him physically fit. It keeps a person fit and fresh and thus helps in staying mentally fit too. In a nutshell, it can be said that eating green vegetables and nutritious food, drinking plenty of water, going outdoors and staying less indoors, exercising daily, maintaining a proper diet, less stress are the prime factors of staying health and fit.

  • What’s the best way to remove warts?

    If you want a new wart eliminator, you will wish to look at this. 1st, we’ll discuss just about the most hazardous wart removing quality recipes which can be located online as well as Next we are going to speak about the reason why everyone is determining to utilize it. Seeing this specific you have to be far better knowledgeable on the way to select a actual wart eliminator that’s going to function correctly for you personally.

    Wart removing was a subject of curiosity personally at first when i first did start to recognize hpv appearing without any help pores and skin. Just like you My spouse and i dived on the internet and commenced seeking a simple, at-home option in order that I possibly could manage our hpv without any help and never have to commit money. I became happy back then to get right now there have been a number of internet sites available which detailed these kinds of selfmade wart removing quality recipes that we presumed gives the final results I desired.

    A Hazardous Wart Removal Recipe

    There was a number of removing blends on this great site i find the the one that required ingredients which My spouse and i realized My spouse and i previously experienced about the home. That provided several ingredients which forced me to be query it really is security on the other hand needed final results and so i travelled forward with all the treatment method. My spouse and i imprinted out your instructions along with collected in the required components along with put together up in line with the website’s teaching. Your removing blend smelled rather horribly on the other hand has been going to remove our hpv well, i merely stored heading.

    As soon as My spouse and i used your substance in order to our wart My spouse and i experienced one thing, a lot like a new biting. I believed it was typical initially nevertheless within the subsequent matter of minutes the sensation matured along with matured right up until it had been not really a new prickle, it had been a new melt away.

    Your using experience came up in a short time i realized which one thing must be completely wrong. On account of our desolation to reduce our hpv I chose in order to “hang inside there” along with stick to the removing course of action and merely allow the blend manage it really is training course. I became likely to utilize this specific thrice each day and so i imagined perhaps this harm consequently undesirable given it has been the initial software.

    Eventually My spouse and i ultimately shattered as well as the wart eliminator has been using badly that we could hardly get forced out upon. My spouse and i laundered them back along with observed that this substance experienced burned up a big part of pores and skin round the wart along with would not look really good in any respect. My spouse and i laundered the region with neat h2o along with dealt with the region using natural aloe-vera regarding One week ahead of the inflammation transpired as well as the tend to be went back to normalcy, wart and all sorts of. Your wart was not influenced in any respect i was using a new keloid through the using.

    Following speaking to our physician My spouse and i found out that your removing mixture’s components have been incredibly harmful together burned up our pores and skin rather horribly. This individual instructed never to, at any time have confidence in normal pores and skin formula internet sites which might be located online without conferring with an experienced very first. My spouse and i thanked him or her for your assistance, required it a new lessons realized along with shifted.

    My personal Dilemma Ended up being My personal Paralyzing desparation

    Seeing with regards to our expertise you could think “why would certainly anybody consider using a cure that is certainly hazardous?In . The reality is that the truth is I am not on your own which had experimented with which wart removing cure along with much like me a number of other people ended up burned up through the components. Precisely why? All of it comes down to your desolation that is certainly gone through individuals struggling with hpv along with a lot of us. We would like to take them of via our self badly we test anything saying it can help.

    Getting rid of hpv is not several information about your ailment, it really is usually an endeavor for individuals to improve the appearance. Epidermis imperfections just like hpv along with a lot of us hold the trend to produce individuals sense unpleasant along with vulnerable given that they sense “different”. You then become consequently eager for a new removing option which you help to make options it is likely you might not help to make in any other case. By way of example, had you been strolling beyond an office along with a person neared your self on the inside stroll along with said that they had combined a new wart removing option that might aid you in getting reduce your own hpv can you do it? Do you Buy that? It really is very less likely that you’d.

    Keep this in mind critical stage, wish wart eliminator technique carries a internet site doesn’t suggest who’s operates. The thing you need is actually a, confirmed, powerful wart removing merchandise that is called secure and efficient using no probability of actual physical damage. My spouse and i make sure you that they can are available, you need to simply realize where to locate these. Do not let your own determined requirement for eliminating your own hpv obstruct of creating a knowledgeable selection when scouting for a new wart eliminator.

    As you have got look at this post I think you’ll possess acquired several understanding via our expertise. My personal expect is always to assist you to avoid your water involving industrial internet sites available which might be pestering dangerous wart removing blends. In very best, you may squander your dollars… with most severe a person chance your quality of life.

  • Starbucks Goes For Health and Wellness

    Responding to Customers, Starbucks Brings Single Origin Sumatra Coconut Milk to Canadian locations September 8 (CNW Group/Starbucks Coffee Canada)

    I might be one out of 1,000 who doesn’t really frequent Starbucks, however that Vanilla Frappuccino (if I’m sayin it right) is the business.  Well Starbucks is going after the more health conscious side of things with a change in menu.  The only thing is the drinks in question are only targeted for…

    “high wage earners, who are more health conscious and can afford higher priced drinks as they have been less affected by the economic downturn.”

    “Starbucks claims that by offering an entire range of customized health drinks it will help customers to make healthy choices easily. The company offers options whereby visitors can choose non-fat milk instead of a hot espresso drink. They can choose Vivanno as a substitute for frappuccino.”

    High wage earners huh?  We’ll see how long that last.  Here’s the full article.

    Biking To Work=Workplace Wellness

    Look what goes on in Chicagoland!  I’ve always loved that town.  There is an Active Trans’ Bicycle Commuter Challenge, which takes place during Bike to Work Week, June 11-17.  It’s a movement to get more people to use “active” transportation to get to and from work.

    This is awesome.  Imagine how much pollution we could eradicate as a country if we all took part in this health and wellness movement.  Great look Chicago!  (Bulls are 1st place in the Eastern Conference as well).  Check out the full report.

    6 Fitness Tips Everyone’s Heard (That Don’t Work At All)?

    Check out these fitness tips

    I read these on Cracked.com.  I have to admit I did believe some of these worked at one time or another, but running barefoot?  That slipped by me.  Now the P90X workout program, I have to say, is official.

  • March 2018 Health and Wellness News Update

    Does anyone else feel like the year is FLYING by since September kicked in?  I feel like I was just watching the Thursday night NFL opener and now it’s already mid season, which means we’re pretty much in March.  Anyone else feel like that?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Anyone?…..LOL. I was watching Ferris Bueller’s Day Off the other night.  Anyway, here’s what I got.

    Open A Window!

    It’s a well known fact that the air we breathe in our own homes can sometimes be the most unhealthy for us.  This is largely due to stale air, mold and ozone from outside.  Researchers are claiming that things like opening up a window for 5 to 10 minutes in the morning and evening, replacing filters and turning off ventilation fans will do wonders for your breathing and energy level.

    Here’s the article. Makes damn good sense to me!  I remember in high school biology when my teacher said it only takes about 7 seconds for a sneeze to circulate an entire classroom.  RIGHT after he said that, someone sneezed!  Needless to say, pandemonium followed shortly thereafter.

    Is It A Cold Or An Allergy?

    I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been able to tell the difference.  Sometimes I’ve had a cold and thought it was allergies and sometimes I’ve had allergies and thought it was a cold.  Here are some ways to distinguish a cold and an allergy.

    Here are 9 Foods to add to your diet this winter!

    Is Produce Less Productive?

    I’ve been hearing about this for quite sometime now.  Sometimes I think about it, sometimes I don’t.  However it keeps coming up, especially in the older health conscious crowds.  I remember my Aunt telling me that certain foods that are sure to harm you nowadays were actually pretty nutritious in her time (40’s-70’s).  Some researchers say it’s because of pesticides, condition of the top soil and the stress to which produce is made today.

    I try to do what I can like patronize the Farmers Market, eat organic and my family and I even have a food co-op.  That’s really all I can advise for my part.

    That’s it for now and I wanna leave you with another Breast Cancer Month Jewel.

  • Health and Wellness – Keep Your Body Clean With Fasting and Exercise!

    I was cleaning out some of my back office files and I found this article I did about a year and a half ago.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

    Keep Your Body Clean With Fasting and Exercise

    The best way to detoxify your body is to run it through a fasting juicing regimen. These involve drinking water and raw fruit or vegetable juice only, for a period of time. Proponents who utilize fasting juicing feel that this is a good source of antioxidants and vitamins. It’s considered an extreme type of fasting, since you don’t consume any solid food during the fasting period. If these don’t work for you, there are also detox plans that include some solid food.

    Some people should not use fasting juicing to cleanse their systems. This includes pregnant women, and people with low blood sugar, nutritional deficiencies, impaired immune function, anemia, malnutrition, liver disease, kidney disease, eating disorders, low blood sugar and diabetes. If you have any of these conditions, check with your physician before trying any type of fasting.

    Juice fasting can sometimes reduce the proteins in the blood, and change the way in which prescription drugs work in your body. Never reduce prescriptions without your doctor’s approval, and never go through a period of juice fasting without checking first with your health care professional.

    Before and after a juice fasting period, you will want to keep up with your normal exercise regimen. You can use a weight training system to improve your performance, since your muscles can generate more force and are more resilient if they are well-trained. There are numerous systems you can use to do weight training. Weight training may induce hormone changes, and it can have a significant effect on the trainability of your muscles.

    Olympic athletes have used training with heavy weights, and the amount of reps and sets depends on the particular area of specialty of the athlete using the program. Talk to a coach or a trainer to set up a program that works for you, because you probably won’t need heavy weight training. The weight-lifting that bodybuilders do is not the same type of training that will benefit a person who just wants a healthy amount of muscle tone and definition.

    In the practice of environmental medicine, the Master Cleanse system is used to rid the body of toxic elements. In the same way exercise keeps your muscles toned, detoxification will keep your intestines and colon clean and in good working order. After a master cleanse session, you will want to increase your nutritional level, whatever works best for you.

    The Master Cleanse is a simple process and it surpasses a lot of other methods of detoxification. By using lime or lemon juice with cayenne pepper and grade b or c maple syrup, you can help your body rid itself of the toxins that build up on your colon and intestines, over time. In this way, you can be regenerated and renewed, and your body can better face everything that life throws your way.

    Wow!  That brings back memories from when I first started this blog.  A lot has changed since then, but I think it’s still a pretty good article.

  • Healing the Healer

    Cancer has struck at our wellness center.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2002.  It was my own body that showed me where to find it.  New years morning I awoke with a sore shoulder.  I started to massage my shoulder and the adjacent acupressure points when they led me right to my breast and a node that felt abnormal.  From then on there was a whirlwind of tests, choices to be made, and procedures to be done.

    The first thing that hits you is FEAR.  I was very lucky, the same day I found out that I had cancer, was the same day I had an appointment to see my teacher, Rita Rivera, a Toltec Master teacher.  She immediately had me face all my FEARS regarding death, illness, and cancer.  What a major difference that makes.  When you clear up all the lies we have been told about cancer and death, Cancer, looses it’s massive energy and just becomes another illness to recover from.

    Cancer became just a dis-ease like any other disease.  Do you remember when people died from the flu?  Cancer does not equal death, nor is it a death sentence.  It really is a gift.  A time to really take a look at your life.  It stops you (dead) in your tracks so that you have to look at your life.  You have to focus on yourself, not others.

    Healers are so focused on other people’s needs that they loose sight of their own needs.  I know I did and that is what brought me to this Journey.  It has been one of my greatest gifts in this lifetime.  How? You ask.

    It has taught me to truly appreciate my body and all that it is capable of doing.  To be more in touch with my own body and truly become aware of its needs. To love and nurture myself as I nurture my family and clients.  It has taught me to look closely at my life and analyze that which was not serving me, release it, and move on.  I learned that I required more joy in my life.  I learned to live each day as if there were no tomorrow.  To heal all relationships as if it were your last chance to make things right between you and your loved ones.  The list goes on and on.  It could fill a book.  It will fill a book.

    For now my friends, I have the desire to open two new programs to the wellness center.  The first is very simple.  It is a NEW Support Group for Women recovering from Cancer.  This group will meet on Monday nights at 7p.m. at the wellness center.  This will be an uplifting, spiritually oriented, support group and anyone who is recovering from or in the process of being treated for cancer, may attend.  Cost will be a love donation to support our second project.

    The second project will be our Phoenix Rising Retreats.  It is a non-profit organization that will hold retreats in beautiful healing locations. These retreats are set up for women recovering from cancer.  They will be six-day retreats that will encompass healing treatments, which focus on the whole individual, mind, body, and Soul with the goal of helping the women to create joyful new lives.